Meet the characters


Babalwe’s talking about contraception with her sister, Grace. She is not sexually active yet, but her and her boyfriend are thinking about it. What contraception do you think they should use to avoid pregnancy and protect their sexual health? Read the full story here then tells us what she should do next in the comic creator.


Lineo has started dating a new boy, they are getting pretty close now and she is wondering whether she should tell him that she is living with HIV. She is worried that he might not accept it and might tell other people. What do you think she should do? Read the full story here then tell us what she should do in our comic creator.


Mwaise has been asked out by a much older guy. Her friend is telling her that she should go for it, but she is not so sure. Click here to see the full story then finish it in the comic creator.


Spijo had a wild night last night and is suffering with a hangover. He’s telling his friends that after the party he went back to his girlfriend’s house. They had sex, but now he is worried because they forgot to use a condom. What do you think he should do? Check out the full story here and make a comic to tell us what his next steps should be.


Chipo has started dating a guy that she’s liked for a long time. He has started to pressure her to have sex with him, but she doesn’t feel ready. Check out the full story here and tell us what she should do in the comic creator.

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