About Young Voices

Young Voices Africa – a free resource for participatory learning around HIV and SRHR in Africa

What is Young Voices?

Young Voices is a co-creation project that has developed an interactive package of sexual health information materials – created by, and for, young people between 15 and 24 years old in southern Africa.

What’s in the Young Voices package?

Through the materials we meet characters who face their own dilemmas relating to sex, relationships and HIV. Each story addresses a theme that is relevant to young people living in the region – having sex without a condom, unhealthy relationships, options for contraception, dating older people, talking about HIV, consent and communication in relationships.

Each story is told through a short animation (around one minute long) or a static comic, and are designed to promote thinking and discussion, aided by supplementary materials including fact sheets and questions for discussion.

This comic creator gives young people a chance to create their own comic strip ending to the characters’ stories, in their own words. These can be completed alone or as part of group work.

If you want to learn more about Young Voices, or use the free materials, check out Young Voices Africa page.